Bike Parking Lot


  1. Instead of (for instance Gundams) the battle/warrior robots we have all been waiting for decades to see *sigh* Japan gives us this...

    *golf clap*

  2. this isn't "what the fuck" this is just awesome

  3. Denmark has had these for less amazing or great, but not original.

  4. now that is cool, no more bikes all over the place up top, which most people forget or think theirs got stolen when someone for some reason moves their bike a few feet down the line, ending up with a lot of bikes that just aren't being picked up...

    that machine allocates a space and catalogs it to his name and probably keeps the time it was entered

    when he comes to collect his bike the machine knows the time the bike it checked out and calculates a cost to the storage time needed for his bike and pulls it from his "Account"

    and the people that have this Account with Bike storage machines like that one that have been left there for several days to over a week can automaticly be contacted because they have Accounts with the company and are known and can be notified their bike is still there and that they should come collect it

    That is Cool