Big Changes

Big news for our fans. Many of you have been following us for over seven years now and we’ve gone through a lot of changes in that time. Lately we’ve been getting behind on bringing you new content and we apologize for that. We’re starting fresh, and part of that is a brand new name. I’d like to unveil Flipside Japan. All the same great pictures and videos you love but with a new better name and more frequent posts. I know a lot of you loved the old name and logo we’ve had for the past seven years, but we’re trying to put forward a more professional and respectful tone so that we can grow into something bigger and better. Keep checking for updates, we’ll be switching over social media accounts and URLs over the next few days. Thanks for staying with us and we think you’ll love the new Flipside Japan.

Hamada Bamyu

Glad to see Hamada embracing his inner gorilla

Japan School Lunches

This seems like a way better system than what we have here.

Best commercials of 2015

I want cup of noodles now...


The kids in Asia really know how to play dodgeball. Number 4's got a whip for an arm